President’s Day Plants

Sometimes amidst the Christmases and 4th of July’s and Thanksgivings, some of the less celebrated holidays get lost in the mix. With it just days after Valentine’s Day (which NOBODY can forget even if you wanted to), President’s Day is often overlooked. So this President’s Day, let’s remember that it’s President’s Day. And while we’re not sure exactly how people celebrate this holiday, we think knowledge that it is happening is a good start. Here at UPP, we’re taking a stroll through memory lane of some of the most (and least) famous presidents of yesteryear. And who would we be as plant ladies if we didn’t assign them their respective indoor spirit plants.

George Washington: Peace Lily

Well we gotta start with the OG himself. Aside from being our first guy to have the job of POTUS, Washington was known for not being able to tell a lie when he told his dad he chopped down his dad’s cherry tree (which actually all was a lie since it was a myth created for Washington’s first biography…but we digress). Anyways when it comes to plants Washington is sooo a peace lily, because just like Washington in an alternate universe where the cherry tree story is true, peace lilies don’t ever lie about when they’re thirsty for more water. If they need to be watered their leaves will droop, which is really great for those of us who forget to regularly water and need a sign to remind us. We recommend you spend a few Washingtons and buy one of these perfect Peace Lillys.


Abraham Lincoln: Old Man Cactus

While he did a lot of memorable things in his presidency that capture his essence, we can’t help but assign old Lincs a spirit plant that matches that big ole’ beard he always had. Cue the old man cactus (also yes that’s actually what it’s known as and yes it’s worth buying one just for the name). The old man cactus is covered in hair, just like the president who is reportedly America’s most admired president. Honestly, if you put a little top hat on your cactus, the resemblance is uncanny.

William Harrison: Literally Any Succulent

Ok here’s a dude a lot of you guys probably don’t know too much about because he served the shortest term ever as a U.S. president after catching a nasty cold that led to his ultimate demise (remember to take your Vitamin C y’all!). And for this reason, we believe Harrison’s spirit plant is literally any succulent because they just die out of freaking nowhere sometimes. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t own them, it just means we need to cherish them while we can, which we hope is how things were with Harrison (but who knows since he died in 1841). Anyways succulents are wonderful and we think you should get yourself some of these in the spirit of President Harrison’s one month in office.


John Tyler: Chinese Money Plant

Ok this may be another president who is less familiar to some of us these days, especially since his name is like very normal and just sounds like a kid we went to high school with. President Tyler made sure to leave a legacy though, because he went ahead and had enough children for an entire high school class (with a good student-to-teacher ratio): 15. This makes John Tyler a total Chinese money plant, since they seem to sprout babies like crazy. You may remember that we previously mentioned how trendy the Chinese money plant is these days, so if you don’t get one because it reminds you of the 10th president, get one because its very hot right now.



Franklin D. Roosevelt: Snake Plant

The only president to have been elected to four terms, FDR was dependable and resilient, just like the virtually indestructible snake plant. Roosevelt made it through war, illness, the Great Depression, and living in a time without Hulu or Netflix, so yeah, he knew how to take a punch. If you want a plant that’s just as tough, get yourself a snake plant and watch it handle challenges (i.e. you forgetting to water it) with ease.


We hope you all learned something from our favorite presidential plants! If you didn’t and you already knew all that stuff, go on a trivia show and win the money you deserve. Tag your favorite presidential plants on Instagram using #UPP and #makesmartplantchoices!