Winter Plant Essentials

Winter can be a tough season for you and your plants. It’s colder, darker, and also, colder. If you’re looking to warm up and brighten up with something cheaper than a tropical vacation, check out our special picks for this season below.

Snake Plant

While it might be hard to hang lights on this plant (but easy to put tiny Santa hats on!), we think a snake plant is a great winter plant pick-me-up. These plants are super easy to take care of, and they know how to survive low light winter conditions like a champ. Get a snake plant and let it be your inspiration for thriving through winter.

Indoor Smart Garden

Why let the cold weather stop you from growing your own herbs? This little indoor gardening kit lets you garden all year long and comes with basil capsules to get you started. We may not know how it works, but we do know its great for impressing your friends when you’ve suddenly got fresh basil for your hand-made spaghetti (sorry we can’t help with the spaghetti part).

Neon Cactus Sign

Sometimes you just need some straight up literal light to add some brightness to the season. We love this neon cactus decoration – stick it in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere you want to see the glow of neon light shining onto your pale, winter skin.

Pillow Covers

Bears aren’t the only ones who want to hibernate come winter. Be sure to get comfy and cozy with these fun pillow cover designs that bring the green that the outdoors might be lacking this time of year. With three great designs, you can really spruce your winter cave.
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