Air Plants: To Mist or To Soak

Life is full of tough decisions. Should you watch The Office tonight or Friends? Should you add guacamole to your Chipotle burrito bowl…or not? Should you mist your air plants or soak them? While we can’t tell you what to do (The Office and guac), we can definitely give some guidance on whether to mist or soak your air plants.

Plant lovers and experts all seem to have their own opinions and advice on misting vs. soaking which can make things confusing for you and your little guys. Here’s our two cents on how to best water your air plants to keep them happy, healthy, and living fulfilled air plant lives.


When air plants aren’t occupying living rooms and bedrooms, they’re living happily in tree canopies where they take in lots of fog and rain. Misting proponents suggest that this approach simulates their natural habitat, but misting is not an approach for the lazy. If you choose to only mist your air plants, you’ll have to dedicate yourself to doing it about as often as you wash your hair (every other day). So for those of you who can’t commit to yet another responsibility in your already crazy busy lives, you might just be a soaker.


For less fuss, go the soaking route. Here are our recommended steps for a strong soaking routine:

  1. We suggest you soak your air plants for one episode of The Office, once a week. That’s 20-30 minutes, for those of you who have more constructive hobbies. And once a month, replace one of the weekly Office soaks with one Love Actually soak (about 2 hours).
  2. Post-soak, make sure you shake the excess water off your air plants and let them completely dry off in an area with good air circulation.
  3. For bonus points with your air plants, add some game-changing Grow More fertilizer to encourage blooming and pups!
  4. With soaking, its important to set a routine and stick to it for optimal care. Do your best to be consistent!

As for general care, try to display your air plants in a place where they’re getting ample bright light without being in direct sunlight. If you need some inspiration, take a gander at these refreshing ways to exhibit your air plants:

So that’s the skinny on basic air plant care, but if you’re ready to go all in and want to nurture your air plants like nobody’s business, you can read up on more detailed information from the oh-so-wonderful Air Plant Supply Co. And if you’re interested in seeing some of the most incredible air plants on the planet earth, visit London’s Kew Gardens (#airplantgoals).

Airplants at Kew Gardens

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