Best Low-Light Succulents for Winter

It’s winter! And you know what that means: everyone is generally more pissed off, there’s a lot less leg-shaving happening, and yes, your plants aren’t getting as much as light!

Winter can be a rough season for everyone, including your plants. But if you really love your succulents and want to have a few that can tolerate the winter months, we’ve got a few options for you that will do the trick. These succulents are low maintenance, don’t require a lot of light, and are appealing to the eyeballs. They’re so easy you can almost forget about them (just don’t forget about them completely). While succulents are always a nice option year-round, the ones we’ve picked out should get you through the low-light winter without too much thought or effort.

Before we get on to our top succulent picks, here are a few helpful tips on caring for them:

  • Make sure your succulents have free-draining soil (like this cactus and succulent potting mix) and a pot with a hole in it (like these adorable ceramic pots with bamboo draining trays).
  • Six hours of indirect bright sunlight a day is ideal for succulents both in the winter and year-round.
  • Succulents require very little water, and in the winter when they’re dormant, they need even less.
  • If you’re doing some rearranging this winter, move your succulents to a new window where they can get more light and try to keep them away from heating units which can dry them out.

And now for our favorite low-light succulents this winter:

JADE PLANT (Crassula ovata)
Though this is one of our picks for winter, we consider the jade plant to be one of the best low-maintenance plant options in general. They can survive with little water, and are a great plant for plant noobs.

PEARLY DOTS PLANT (Haworthia margaritifera)
Looking to add some pearls to your life but can’t afford to splurge? Get yourself a pearly dots plant! While they may not work great as earrings, pearly dots (named for their eye-catching white ‘pearls’ spotted across their leaves) are small plants perfect for sprucing up a corner of your office desk or a cranny of your home. Not to mention they’re about a billion times cheaper than real pearls.

But wait, there’s more! These plants thrive on neglect, so if you forget about them for a week (or two) while away on that warm-weather getaway, your lil’ pearly will be just fine!

Low light succulent

PANDA PLANT (Kalanchoe tomentosa)
With lovely velvety leaves, the panda plant offers a diverse texture to your succulent collection. They’re relatively slow growers so you won’t need to repot frequently, and they look great on a bedroom shelf. They also have an adorable name, so that’s obviously reason enough to get one.

SNAKE PLANT (Sansevieria spp.)
Snake plants are one of our absolute favorite plants, and people don’t often realize that these tall, sharp-leaved plants fall into the succulent category. A plant that goes by many names (Viper’s bowstring hemp, mother-in-law’s tongue), snake plants are beautiful additions to any living room corner.

Sadly snake plants are toxic to cats, so if you’ve got a feline roommate (or a few), one of the other succulents on our list may be a better option. Speaking of which, look out for our next post where we talk about cat-friendly plants!

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