Creative Ways to Hang Your Plants

Looking to upgrade your space with some hanging plants without losing your precious security deposit forever? Ya, we’re not allowed to make holes in the wall either, so lucky for you, we’ve already thought of creative solutions for plant hanging. Oh what’s that, you’re a real adult and you own your home? Ok, well, that must be nice…but these tips are also for you home owners and anyone looking to get some hanging plant action going around your space, whether rented or owned. Hanging your plants can be especially great for those of you with kids or fur babies so that your plants are up and away from the crushing hands and paws of destruction. Check out our genius ideas (yes we’re humble) for creatively hanging your plants:

Put a Magnet on It

These magnetic planters are the perfect way to bring some greenery to your kitchen while keeping your counters clear. Stick them on your fridge for a pleasant sight every time you reach for that pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Put a nice spider plant or airplant in these guys and you might even be able to cover up that horrible Christmas card the neighbors sent you last year.

Fridge picture

Windows and Doors: They’re More Than Just for Closing

There’s no need to drill holes in your walls when you’ve already got doors and windows, the ultimate alt-walls. And if you don’t have windows please move…think of your plants for God’s sake. Curtain rods and towel racks are so much more than their names imply, so let them multitask for you and your plants. No one ever said you can have too many towel racks, so go on and get down with your bad towel rack-buying self. If you wanna go towel rack: full throttle, these over-the-door racks will give you lots of space for hanging. Hang a donkey tail with a gorgeous macramé, and watch it drape over your door or window as it grows. Brb, gotta go write a screenplay called towel rack: full throttle.

Helloooo Plant Stands

The glory of plant stands is that they do all the work for you; no hooks or hanging required here. For all you minimalists and lazy people, this is your jam. We love the look of this vertical plant stand — it’s clean, elegant, and stylish all at once. Not to mention the ceramic pots that come with it are lovely, so all you need are some lovely plants to complete the look of all around…loveliness.


Embrace the Tension

Have an empty corner but no way to display a plant in it? Behold the tension rod plant hanger, the greatest innovation of the 21st century, the solution to all your problems…or at least this problem. This plant hanger lets you set up shop when you’ve got nothing but empty space to work with, giving you the opportunity to display multiple plants at once. Talk about an instant game changer. And for those of you who so please, this guy also comes in handy if you ever want to practice your pole routine.

For those of you who used to say you couldn’t have plants because you had nowhere to put them, looks like you’re out of excuses now. Get a little creative with these plant displays and watch your home (rented or not) turn into a plant oasis. Now go spend that security deposit on some plants! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, including VigLink, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links.