Cubicle Refresh: Best Desk Plants for your Office

Artificial light. Barren walls. Stale, frigid air. Ahh the workplace.

Considering that most of us spend 40+ hours a week confined to our desks, its important to make your work space tolerable, personable, and dare we say even enjoyable if you can.

The solution: a desk plant (obviously). But not just any desk plant. Unless you work in a greenhouse, conditions for plants at the office can be much harsher than your home. Offices tend to be cold with low humidity and less than ideal light conditions. So if you want to prevent having another plant funeral, you’ll have to choose your plant babies wisely.

See below for our list of plants that can simultaneously cope with poor light conditions and spruce up your desk space, in case you haven’t nabbed that bright corner office quite yet.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily offers air purifying capabilities, beautiful white flowers (in the spring), and world peace. This plant is also known as the closet plant, not for its shyness, but for its ability to survive in depressing, low-light conditions (which might also describe your desk space).

Between its strength in withstanding tough conditions and its ability to purify your cubemate’s post-lunch farts, the peace lily is a true winner.

Peace lily desk plant

Spider Plant

If you got the short end of the stick and ended up at a desk without a window in sight, a spider plant might be a good option for you. This adaptable plant survives in the shade and will most certainly add some pizazz to your gloomy work space.

Snake plant

Rubber Plant

For deep green foliage that reminds you that there is a world beyond your desk, search no further than the rubber plant. Under the appropriate conditions, rubber plants can grow quite large, perfect if you’d like something to hide behind on a rough day. In some parts of Asia, rubber plants are used to create living root bridges, so if you’ve got some spare time (a few decades), you can use yours to create a nice little escape bridge from your desk.

Rubber plant


If your office that looks more like a jail than a work place (grey walls, grey carpet, grey desks), add a little color to your desk with an anthurium. These plants can tolerate low light and will remind you what beautiful, vibrant colors look like while you’re serving your time, ahem, work time.

Multi-tasking at desk with plants

Snake Plant

How could we include a list of low maintenance plants without including our beloved snake plant. Snake plants are about as low maintenance as it gets when it comes to indoor plants and will make a wonderfully eye-catching addition to your office space.

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