Roses Are Out…5 Valentine’s Day Plant Gifts That Are In

Friends don’t let friends gift roses on Valentine’s day. As much as we appreciate the beauty of roses, nothing is more cliché (except for maybe a #blessed Instagram tag). If you’re a culprit of both, we’re not judging, we’re just here to help you. This is an intervention.

To help get you through this V-day in style, we’ve come up with a great list of gift alternatives and honestly, we love them more than Kanye loves Kanye. Here are our picks for friends, family, and significant others (real and imaginary):

Sweetheart Hoyas

Whether you like someone, love someone, or are just obligated to give someone a courtesy V-day gift, the Sweetheart Hoya is a fantastic option. Also called wax heart plants, these heart-shaped succulents send a sweet message and can be conveniently gifted in small individual pots.

Eucalyptus bouquets

Roses are red, eucalyptus are green, think outside of the box, and get your Valentine a eucalyptus bouquet this year. (If you thought that was going to rhyme, you’re clearly still thinking inside the box. GET OUT OF THE BOX.)

This dried eucalyptus bundle from West Elm works great on its own or as an addition to a floral bouquet. Not to mention it smells fabulous and can be kept longer than roses when dried.


Terrariums are miniature worlds of greenery and magic, so what better way to show someone they’re the center of your little world than with one of these geometric glass terrariums. There are lots of plant varieties that can be grown in terrariums too, so you’re really gifting many plants at once!

Terrarium Trio

Succulent and airplant wreaths

Love is in the air…plants. A wreath filled with these green gems and some always on-point succulents makes for an ultra-trendy gift, like this gorgeous living heart wreath, that says ‘I very trendily love you’. Need we say more?

Succulent heart wreath illustration

Plant-topped cupcakes

Got a Valentine with a sweet tooth? Use these cacti and succulent cupcake toppers to combine the glory of plants and sugar into one magnificent gift.

Succulent cupcake illustration

Roses are obviously lovely, but this year leave the rose-giving to the Bachelor (who will go home this week?!). With so many other amazing plant options for your loves on Valentine’s Day, we do hope you’ll choose to go with one (or even a few) of these more unique alternatives!

What creative plant gifts have you given or received on Valentine’s Day?