Snooze It UPP: Top Bedroom Plants to Help You Sleep Better

Sleep is important y’all. It helps keep you alive (obviously), but it also keeps you from freaking out on Tina in accounting when she messes up the budget again. Sleep helps you think more clearly, feel better, and look well-rested to take on your day whether you need to get some errands done or tackle a job interview (because Tina just got to be too much).

So the real question is, how do you get that sleep? PLANTS. Plants are magic sleep facilitators; they reduce stress, decrease airborne dust, and help you get the Z’s you need. Not to mention they’re cheaper than a sleep therapist and look great on your night stand. And you know what you can’t put on a nightstand? A sleep therapist. See below for some of our favorite plants to help you get some rest tonight.

Aloe on table


Aloe plants produce oxygen at night, and more oxygen at night means more sleep for you. These plants are low-maintenance too, so don’t stress if you find yourself forgetting to water your aloe because of all that dozing off you’re doing.

Snake Plant in Bedroom

Snake Plant

Do you think Sleeping Beauty fell into such a deep slumber from a curse alone? No way. There was definitely a snake plant nearby. Like aloe, snake plants are easy to care for and great air purifiers so you’ll be asleep in no time.

Peace lily on shelf

Peace Lily

If the name isn’t enough to convince you of its’ perks, peace lilies’ many benefits will. These plants can raise room humidity while also reducing allergens. So ya, get one.

Snake Plant

Spider Plant

Spider plants are another big oxygen producer and are especially good at filtering formaldehyde, a toxin that can be released from a number of products in your home. With a spider plant you can go to bed knowing your plant will take on those pesky toxins while you sleep.

Lavender in a teapot


Before there was Netflix and chill, there was lavender and chill. Likely the most obvious plant on this list, most of you are probably already aware of the links between lavender and relaxation. Diffuse it as an essential oil, or better yet put some fresh lavender in a lovely wooden vase like this one from Jamali Garden.

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