Urban Plant Picks: Spring Essentials

As legendary actress Audrey Hepburn once said, “you can never have too many plants or plant-themed items”. Ok maybe she didn’t say that, but we like to think she’d agree, especially now that spring is upon us. Check out our list of UPP picks to celebrate the season of blooms, greenery, and growth.

Haws Brass Plant Mister

Aside from being functional, this brass plant mister is just plain cute. Your plants will thank you for using this guy to keep them looking fresh and hydrated. Also you can see your own beautiful reflection in it, so buy it.

‘Protea cynaroides’ Hand-Carved Block Print by Lili Arnold Studios


We fangirl hard when it comes to artist and designer Lili Arnold’s pieces, and we absolutely adore her piece ‘Protea cynaroides’. Its the perfect wall art to brighten up any space and to bring your eyeballs true and utter bliss. Trust us, our eyeballs have never been happier.

Knight Ceramics Speckled Dotted Planter

This planter screams delightful yet effortless yet gorgeous yet fun. Not many things can scream all that at once! Stick just about any plant in this planter and it’ll look gorgeous. Be sure to get one in red too!

Artizen Aromatherapy Oils and Miserwe Essential Oil Diffuser

If you’re stressing out because we’re already somehow four months into 2018 and you haven’t lost 20 pounds, gotten famous, or met the love of your life yet this year, turn to these lovely aromatherapy oils to help you chill out. Grab this great geometric diffuser while you’re at it to get the relaxation sesh started.

Which of these items is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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