Urban Plant Picks: Summer Essentials

It’s SUMMER! The time of year where popsicles, shorts, and sunburns reign supreme. Oh, and plants of course. This summer we’ve got some plant essentials that are heating things up and we love them long time. Check out our summer list of amazing plant items!

Ohi by Paiko

This book brings the beauty of Hawaii’s outdoors right into your home and will make you want to book a trip to the Aloha state ASAP. Aside from its utterly gorgeous graphics, Ohi offers great tips for sourcing and assembling flora into lovely arrangements. We love this book and think its a must-have for any coffee table.


Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant Food

If you’re a fiddle-leaf fig owner, you know how important it is to take care of your beautiful figgy. These plants can command attention and become the focus of an entire room, so why not make sure your fiddle-leaf is looking its best with some plant food? We love this stuff for its gentle ingredients and effective formula. If your fiddle-leaf needs a little pick me up, pick up this plant food!


Inflatable Leaf Pool Float

Why not bring your love of monsteras into the pool with ya? Throw this fun monstera floatie in your pool and elevate your summer game ten-fold. Unicorn and swan floaties are so 2017 anyways.

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase

We love the geometric design of these plant hangers, which are perfect for succulents, air plants, and mini cacti. They’re both function and fashion, as the white ceramic and brass offer a clean aesthetic for any room. Get one or get a few and mix and match them with your various small plants!

Which of these summer picks will you be nabbing for yourself? Share with us in the comments!

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