Urban Plant Profile: Angel Wing Begonia

If ever there was a plant that exudes the style, class, and pizzazz of Queer Eye’s Tan France, it’s the Angel Wing Begonia. If you aren’t familiar with our guy Tan, GO WATCH QUEER EYE RIGHT NOW. Well, right after you finish reading this post.

Angel Wing Begonias command attention like Tan France in a short-sleeved Hawaiian print button-up. They get their name from the angel wing shape of their leaves and just like Tan they give off effortless ‘look at me!’ vibes. And not unlike Mr. France’s wardrobe, we love begonias for their variety, as there are countless types. We’re particularly smitten with Angel Wing Begonias because of their eye-catching spotted leaves, which are found on the plant species Begonia ‘Barbara Hamilton’ (new life goal: get a plant named after ourselves) and Begonia ‘Wightii’. The ‘Hamilton’ species exhibits light green leaves on both sides, while the ‘Wightii’ have dark green leaves with a red underside.


So why delve into the world AWB ownership? These plants are great for beginners and are easy to grow. You know, like when Tan easily throws together an outfit on a Queer Eye contestant that literally changes their body, demeanor, vibe, perspective, and take on life (how does he do it?).


Angel Wing Begonia Plant Care

If you do get yourself a TFP (Tan France Plant), follow these care tips for best results:

  • Water your begonia until the soil is moist but not soggy, and make sure the soil dries between waterings. This should come out to about a weekly watering, but your begonia will need less water in the winter.
  • Put your AWB in bright indirect sunlight. Nobody likes a sunburn, including your begonia’s foliage.
  • Make sure to repot annually for obvious style reasons and to help your begonia grow into the fashionista it truly is. And don’t forget to use soil that drains well, like this soil from Fox Farm.

To make your begonia really look exceptional, consider some bangin’ pots like these marble patterned beauties. Now go watch Queer Eye and happy cry into your begonia while you watch Tan and his buds transform lives!


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