Urban Plant Profile: Dracaena

There’s something very fun and flirty about Dracaenas. Their foliage resemble fireworks mid-explosion and they have an exotic feel to them that makes any space seem instantly more unique. In a lot of ways, Dracaenas are like Ariana Grande. Don’t believe us? Well you should. Also how could you doubt us, we know what we’re doing here!

Oh so now you want proof that Dracaenas are like Ari? Fine. Here you go.

The foliage of Dracaenas not only resembles fireworks, but Ariana’s famous ponytail. And they perk up a room as much as an Ariana song would (Sweetener anyone?). And while Dracaenas may not be as grande as Miss Grande, they are a great size for filling a corner of your living room.

If you’re on the lookout for a Dracaena, keep your eyes peeled for the names Dragon Tree, Corn Plant, and Ribbon Plant too as these are all types of Dracaenas. Sadly, while Dracaenas are the exact clone of Ariana Grande in basically all ways, they are not as pet friendly as she is. Dracaenas are toxic to both dogs and cats. She’s a dangerous woman, they’re a dangerous plant (but only to pets not humans so still get one!)

Ready for your Dracaena to thrive? Check out our suggestions for keeping your Dracaena as hot as Ari:


  • If your Dracaena is gonna shine, you’re gonna need to give it a spotlight. Put your Dracaena in a place where it can get indirect bright light for optimal growth.


  • If you want your little Ari to be a well-oiled machine, don’t let the soil dry out. This is a plant that likes humidity, so keep it damp. But don’t get crazy – nobody likes it soggy. To make sure you’re keeping things gucci, stick your finger in the soil and only water your plant when the top inch of the soil is dry. And make sure you’ve got your plant in some well-draining soil.


  • If your Dracaena is looking a little worse for wear, you gotta gotta gotta love it harder by keeping up with some pruning shears. Prune the stems to make sure your plant is in tip top shape, and to control growth.


  • Ari loves her some self care, and there’s no better way to care for your Dracaena than with some occasional fertilizer. In the spring and summer, fertilize once every couple of weeks. In the fall, you can cut back to once a month, and in the winter you can take a hiatus on the fertilizer.

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