Urban Plant Profile: Monstera adansonii

Monsteras are hot right now. Like Death Valley in the middle of summer hot. And we get it, between the deep green hues, swiss cheese holes, and lovely almond-shaped leaves, what’s not to love?

Monstera adansonii

There are many species of Monstera plants, and while we adore them all, our personal fave is the Monstera adansonii. As the more petite cousin to the Monstera deliciosa, the adansonii is perfect for apartment life. Think of it as the Daniel Radcliffe of plants: it may be small, but it is adorable and packs a real magical punch. (Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Potter are the same, right?) Keep your little Daniel Radcliffe on your nightstand or hang one in your kitchen, it’ll look great almost anywhere (also quite like Daniel Radcliffe).

Be forewarned, the Monstera adansonii is often mislabeled as the very similar Monstera obliqua, and is having such a moment right now that its actually a little tough to find. So if you do come across one at your local nursery make sure to follow your heart and just buy. We were lucky enough to get the last of a recent shipment at Dig Gardens in Santa Cruz and are working on nursing the little runt back to health. Did we mention the adansonii is hot right now?

Monsters adansonii on shelf

Assuming you’ve run out and gotten yourself one by now, its time for some care tips. To keep your adansonii cutie alive, make sure you put it in indirect bright light, or ‘sunny shade’. Keep it in well-draining soil, and make sure the soil stays moist. Yes, we said moist (sorry if you’re one of those people who hates the word moist…because we’ve now used it three times). Moist.

And now assuming your Monstera is still alive, show it off in one of these CB2 hanging planters or this simple yet elegant West Elm ceramic planter. Our final tips? Ogle blissfully at your Monstera, watch a Harry Potter movie, and repeat.