Urban Plant Profile: Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are to house plants what Michelle Obama is to humans: timeless, classy, and elegant. They command attention, instantly make any room they’re in look better, and have a law degree from Harvard University (ok Michelle’s got the advantage there).

Rubber Plant

So why get a rubber plant? Well, aside from having the spirit plant of Michelle Obama in your own home to motivate and encourage you every day, rubber plants grow quickly, can increase the humidity of a room, and are pest and disease resistant. That’s a win-win-win-win.

But wait, there’s more! Rubber plants come in many varieties, and their striking foliage ranges from deep greens to gorgeous khaki variegations. Known scientifically as Ficus elastica, these plants grow in line with the size of the pot they’re planted in, so they can occupy a large space if you’d like or simply beautify a corner of a small apartment (or office space!).

Rubber Plant Care

Now that you’ve elevated your personal space with your very own FLOTUS plant, here’s how to make sure she thrives:

Light for your rubber plant

  • Keep your plant in bright indirect light.
  • Rubber plants can tolerate lower light conditions, but over time they’ll lose their variegation and become spindly if they’re light-deprived.

Watering your rubber plant

  • Keep your rubber plant moist, but make sure that the soil has dried before re-watering.
  • Pot your plant so that it drains well and doesn’t sit in water.

Fertilizing you rubber plant

  • In the spring and summer, be sure to fertilize every 3-4 weeks.

Rubber Plant

Finally, put your rubber plant in an eye-catching pot like one of these hot new planters from Amazon. After all, Michelle Obama’s outfits are always on point and your rubber plant’s should be too! What’s your favorite thing about your rubber plant (and Michelle Obama)?


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