Welcome to Urban Plant Project!

Urban Plant Project, or UPP as we like to call it, is the product of two plant-inspired Bay Area dwellers hoping to share their love of plants with the world. We’re a couple of ladies who buy plants instead of furniture and use our bonus checks on pots and macramé hangers. We believe plants can be an affordable and beneficial way to bring the best out of any personal space.

We may be city-livin’ women, but we LOVE us some greenery. And since we can’t always be frolicking through redwood forests and vibrant jungles, we’ve made it our mission to bring the outdoors inside, even while hustling and bustling in metropolitan San Francisco. Because sometimes concrete jungles can just have so much concrete, you know?

Whether your digs are urban, suburban, rural, or something else (where do you live?), we have a feeling we’ve got something for you. Plants bring so much joy into our lives and we want to spread the love, so let us be your plant spirit guides. We’ll help you grow your confidence as plant owners with tips, tricks, and expert advice on the best plants for you and how to keep them thriving in the Plant Guides section of our site. After all, one of the best things about life is being able to take care of something and watching it grow (clearly we don’t have children…plants are our babies). And even if you do have some actual human offspring, there’s always room for some green additions!

Plants have infiltrated all aspects of our lives so we’ll be sharing more than just our advice on plants to buy and how to care for them. You’ll find everything from plant accessories we adore like modern plant stands to elegant plant-print wallpapers in our Plant Merch section. Anything we come across that fuels and feeds our plant love will be included there. We’ll also be highlighting gorgeous greens across the country, and even the world, in our City Spotlights section.

While UPP is a way for us to share our stories, we want to hear yours too. The Plant Nation section of this blog is completely dedicated to the plant community we hope to tap into and foster. We want UPP to be your plant-loving family, so feel free to contribute your successes, failures, questions, comments, and any general plant-related thoughts with us there! You can also follow us on Instagram @UrbanPlantProject and share your favorite plant photos with the hashtag #UPP.

We hope you’ll see UPP the way you see that one friend you have who is effortlessly cool but also super helpful in guiding you to finding your own inner style. Let us guide you on your plant journey, whether you’ve been on it for years or are just beginning. Because plants are more than just dividers you use to let your coworker know where the boundaries of your desk space are at your open floor plan job…they’re a lifestyle.

Welcome to UPP!